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Customs clearance

The customs clearance of exported or imported goods entails the obligation of the consignor and / or consignee to comply with the prohibitions and restrictions, comply with the rules and regulations of state regulation of foreign economic activity (FEA) established for the control of cargo turnover and provides for:

  • Study and verification of supply contracts (contracts);
  • Checking shipping documents - invoices, packing lists, transport documents for compliance with the terms of the contract.
  • Preparation, verification and execution of a set of documents and a customs declaration for goods and vehicles for their declaration in the customs authorities;
  • Compliance with tariff and non-tariff government regulation of foreign economic activity;
  • Registration of permits (certificates of conformity, sanitary and epidemiological conclusions, fire safety certificates, licenses,  etc.) required for the import or export of goods;
  • Classification of goods in accordance with the codes of the commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity (HS Code) in order to determine the amount of customs duty, prohibitions and restrictions, the amount and applicability of customs duties and taxes (VAT and excise tax);
  • Determination of the customs value of goods;
  • Calculation of the required payment of customs payments (duties, taxes and fees);

The company “Turksib Magistral” provides a full range of services for customs clearance of import and export cargo.

Extensive experience working with customs authorities, the professionalism of employees and an individual approach to each client give us the opportunity to carry out customs clearance (customs clearance) of goods in the shortest possible time.

We carry out customs clearance in export import directions and offer the following services:

  • services for the classification of products according to the HS Code;
  • optimization and calculation of all customs payments;
  • preparation of the necessary documentation for customs clearance;
  • placement of goods in temporary storage warehouses and customs warehouses;
  • provision of consulting services in the field of customs legislation;
  • receipt of all necessary permits in state regulatory bodies;
  • customs clearance of goods and vehicles in various customs regimes;
  • clearance of consignments with a large range of goods, as well as complex technological equipment.